Well firstly I just love and live music. I am a singer/guitarist who plays quite chilled out acoustic music. About a year ago it was an enormous secret that I could sing from everyone. I was completely embarassed by it and didn't dare sing in front of anyone - including the other half! 


Having grown up in a musical household there was always the influence of great music. My Dad sang around the working mens clubs up and down Yorkshire for years. I often spent evenings watching him play when I was little. There was an awesome 80's professional flyer produced with a dodgy mint green cardigan and an 80's perm - but at least he had his Fender Strat to make him look cool (well almost)


Having played the Clarinet (coolest instrument you can learn, obviously! :-/) I also played the Keyboard so began to understand music theory at school. I learned about 5 chords on the Guitar and then at 21 I auditioned for Pop Idol. Arrgghh I didn't realise until I got there how paralysing my stage fright was... I was so frightened of anyone from home seeing me on TV that I spent all day running away from camera's! It was very early days in the whole TV Talent Show juggernought so I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't even know what song I was going to sing until I got infront of the judges and then just freaked out, stared at the floor, mumbled my way through Dusty Springfield's Son of A Preacher Man' and then ran out relieved when I didn't get through... Thank You Nicky Chapman! After that I convinced myself I didn't want to do this badly enough to put myself through that torturous experience and didn't really do anything with music for about ten years! 


The desire to sing just burned away. I bought a guitar that sat in my living room for two years - then I picked it up! I got the bug, quickly learning that I needed a better guitar to progress which took me onto the next stage. I promised myself that when I could play it properly I would treat myself; but then realised if I played rubbish on a rubbish guitar then it would sound crap, get a good guitar then at least it will sound half decent. Plus it is going to take me at least 5 years to do it justice, I couldn't wait that long. So I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Taylor Guitar! The Best. 


I started recording my singing and playing it with (heart-pounding) to friends and family. The feedback I got was really good, some of my friends would get goosebumps and cry. All this spurred me on and then they would get me to sing whenever I came round for girls nights... Always after one or two for dutch courage.


I started going to open mic/jam sessions and just getting up there and doing it. That has brought me on in leaps and bounds, much quicker than practising alone in my bedroom. I am a completely different performer now than I was when I first started. Still not completely comfortable up there which is probably demonstrated through a limited communication repetoire with the audience. I'm assured this will come in time - as after all... It's about the music! 


The music style is really suited really well to restaurants, chilled pubs, champagne receptions at weddings and outdoor celebrations. You can catch me playing in a pub or restaurant in and around Halifax most weekends. 


I work with another rhythm guitarist Paddy Hodgson ( <----- amazing!) who provides me with backing vocals to deliver a fuller sound with more upbeat numbers and nicly blended harmonies.  Occasionally we have a guest appearance from his super talented son George on the keys... just brilliant!


See our 'Set List' Page for details of songs we do. 



Here are some of the recommendations.






Claudette Roberts

Michelle, I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for making my 40th birthday party so special. Your amazing singing and beautiful guitar filled the room with the perfect, chilled out ambience I wanted to create. Everyone was asking about you and how I found you!!!...and I think it's testament to your talent that you ended up with a wedding booking on the night.Thanks once again for the extended set....I just didn't want the night to end!! x









David J Israel

Hopefully without embarrassing you too much, we wanted to leave a 'recommendation' here on your page which we hope others will see and book you on the strength of. Not only was the set of songs you played the perfect choice for our very special day, the style and performance were absolutely spot on and the guests really enjoyed your set. You set up and took down with the minimum of fuss and provided the perfect backdrop for the start of the evening party. And, best of all, we know that your performance helped a very worthy charity here in Yorkshire. Thank you so much for all you did to make our already perfect day that bit better.


Michelle played a live set to help get our evening party started. Her playlist was just what we wanted, and her voice was perfect. A talented vocalist and Yorkshire Mafia member.








Justin Phillips

Justin Phillips

A huge thank you to Michelle Veasey for playing at my wedding party at Saltaire Brewery on Saturday as a result of this thread (+1 for the power of social media). An incredibly talented and polished performance in front of 100 people it was absolutely brilliant. I can’t recommend her talents and professionalism highly enough. Now who’s going to be the next to offer Michelle a platform for her talents?